Not long now until the start of our Titanic motorcycle tour starting at Titanic Belfast on the 9th of may. We are getting the ferry to Scotland, then making our way up into the Scottish Higlands taking in a good chunk of the Nc500 as we make our way to Dunnet Head, the most northerly point in mainland UK. We will then make our way to The most Southerly point, Lizzard point in Penzance via the lake district before making our way back to Belfast. 2 Blokes, 2 Bikes, 4 countries, 2000 miles in 4 days. looking forward to it, follow our journey on on Facebook/Bikes Cars And Thoughts From Mars / Michael Wilgar.  

Bikes, Cars and Thoughts from Mars is a book series of memoirs about growing up in Belfast and motorcycle adventures UK & Ireland. Plus life stuff etc.

Featured in the Daily Mirror with a 5-star review from award-winning author Geoff Hill.


Featured on several automotive websites in the UK & Ireland with top-shelf reviews.


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These are short chapter easy read books, ideal to fit into the busy lifestyles of modern day living. Writing that most people can relate to.



Scrap Book Poster. Things from years gone by!


From Tonka Truck to Triumph Tiger 1050. What can life throw at one man?

How and why I started writing?

I started writing some stories about my life growing up in Belfast as a boy and young man so as to leave a record to my kids, grandkids and all who come after. Now, a year after I started writing, I have released two books which contain memoirs from my life, mixed in with the motorcycle and family adventures I go on. I have lived a full, sometimes hectic life, and have learned a lot from it. I love life! I love having a good laugh and not taking life too serious. So if I can help other people through what I write about, then I will endeavour to do so. Life is tough at times, but it should also be great fun.

Bikes Cars And Thoughts From Mars is about life. Good times, bad times and everything in between, its all part of the journey.


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John O' Groats and Back 2017

876 miles in 36 Hours. Overnight stay in Thurso.

Book 1 Second Cover Design!

Four Corners Of Ireland Tour 2018

1,214 miles, 21 Counties, 54 hours, Two delighted men

Four Corners Of Ireland Tour 2019

1,214 miles, 21 Counties, 54 hours two happy men!

Bikes Cars And Thoughts From Mars 1 is available on Amazon

My second book is more Thoughts From Mars than Bikes And Cars!

Bikes Cars And Thoughts From Mars II just out on Amazon now

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Adventures on the doorstep!

Adventures on the doorstep.

County Down.


Titanic Tour! May 2019, starting from the Titanic building in Belfast to Dunnet Head, the most northerly point of mainland Britain. Then down to lizard point the most southerly point. We will then catch the ferry over to Rosslaire then make our way back to Belfast via the Wicklow Mountains. ( approx 2,000 miles)

I will be posting up pictures and vids on Facebook along the way for anyone who may be interested in following our trip.


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There's No Stopping The Clock!


Release Date January 2020!


I have read and continue to learn a lot from different types of books. I think that most books, and there are millions of different books out there in the world, have something to give. We can learn something from what they have to say, in other words, I usually take a little something away with me from a book I've just finished. I've read travel /adventure explorer books, biography and autobiography books, non-fiction books, and because I have kids, lots of children's books. When I started writing, I wanted to do something different, not just for the sake of doing something different but because my mind was telling me that I should be myself in what I write, which I think is pretty far from the usual run of the mill writing style. One of the things I wanted to write about was travelling around Ireland and the UK to try and promote how great it is to go and see the beautiful countryside around us and how healthy it is for us as human beings to do so. I also believe that if we go and explore the great outdoors and make it a big part of our lives, we will, in turn, think about and do things to help look after and preserve it for future generations to come. We owe it to them to do so. Which brings me to my next big reason for writing, leaving a diary for future generations. If I could make a quantum leap or time-travel forward one hundred, two hundred, maybe even three hundred years and talk to my great-grandchildren, or even yours, what would I talk to them about? What would I say to them about what sort of life I lived? Did I ever spare a thought about them and the world they would have to live in? The list of reasons for me writing is a long one, but this reason alone is the main one and one that keeps me thinking about things I want to write about. The older I get, the more I feel a sort of responsibility for the future generations to come. To sit back and think 'what difference could I make or what's the point' is not good enough. Then there's the other stuff I write about. Funny stories from my past plus the odd fiction story threw in here and there to lighten the mood and laugh about. Today is the 12th of February 2019 it is now 06:40 am in the morning and I am about to go and prepare breakfast for my daughter Ruby aged ten, my son George aged eight, and my wife Carissa. Life is tough sometimes but good. If you are in the future reading this and I am long gone, I very much hope that you are well and living a good life.